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  1. Acerholic
    This Maples resource lists nurseries outside North America, submitted by members, that specialize in maples. For nurseries in North America, see Maples: Nurseries Specializing in Maples in North America. Feel free to check out the links, add your comments or submit your own link suggestions by clicking the button on the right and discussing them on the Maples forum. These links to nurseries or other commercial ventures are provided as a service to the public and do not constitute endorsement by UBCBG, even where the submitters have given rave reviews. Caveat emptor!"

    Europe Nurseries

    Barthelemy & Co
    Long established and extremly knowledgeable Maple specialist. They graft many of the more unusual cultivars and have an extensive range of one-year grafts as well as specimen plants together with some imported stock. Based in Wimborne in the South of England. This is their 2018 catalogue:
    Link location Home | Japanese Maples and Acers (Acer Palmatum) Nursery | Barthelemy & Co
    Submitted by Jaybee63
    Submitted date 09 Oct 2014; last confirmed 28th April 2021.
    Update, Barthelemy is open for telephone, online purchases and visits. Confirmed 24th June 2022
    Submitted by Acerholic

    Benoit Choteau nursery
    Belgian Maple nursery

    "A long-time supporter of the Maple Society, Benoit Choteau learned about Japanese Maples at the Firma C. Esveld and the Kalmouth arboretum. Over the years the quality and selection of his plants is universally recognized, and he has been recognized as one of the leading lights of the European maple world. He grafts more than 500 cultivars and has named many himself from his continuing research and selection process."

    Link location
    Submitted by Emery
    Submitted date 5/2/2021 confirmed 5/2/2021.

    Baumschule Nielsen nursery

    From my limited knowledge of maples I can say that all the trees in Baumschule Nielsen seem to be quite strong and happy. Christian Nielsen is very enthusiastic towards them and he has much more species than on his homepage as he always observes cultivars that he gets from different sources and only later offers them.
    It is a family business and they are all very friendly and helpful. I definitely are going there again...

    Link location Baumschule Nielsen für japanischer Ahorn und Rhododendron
    Submitted by @sun
    Submitted date 14/02/21 confirmed 14/02021

    Bodwen Nursery
    Nursery in Cornwall, UK, specializing in maples. Offers a free download of Growing Japanese Maples – A concise Guide, by John Geraghty, the nursery owner.

    Note: The site is not currently (2015) selling maples online but leaving the link up for informational purposes

    Link location Japanese Maples
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Chris Pattison - Nurseryman ( Now closed)
    Specialist Japanese maple nursery in Gloucester, UK with an extensive range of cultivars. They have stock of older specimen plants as well as the smaller sizes, 3ltr upwards. Well worth a trip although I would phone or email first if looking for something specific. Chris, the owner, is very good at communicating by email

    Link location Chris Pattison - Nurseryman
    Submitted by Jaybee63
    Submitted date 09 Oct 2014; last confirmed 28th April 2021.

    Crug Farm Nursery

    I know this nursery from the Lucca flower show 2009. I saw Acer sikkimense , other maples and other good plants. UK nursery; Mr and Mrs Jones are a very professional nursery people! 100% +

    Link location Crûg Farm Nursery - Home
    Submitted by alex66
    Submitted date 29 Oct 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Dick van der Maat - Japanese Maple Nursery
    Dick van der Maat runs a nursery in Holland supplying grafted maples wholesale and is also now open for retail sales. Specialises in using EM (effective micro-organisms). The website is in Dutch, with a button to view in English.

    Link location Dick van der Maat - Japanese Maple Nursery | japanse esdoorn kwekerij
    Submitted by maf
    Submitted date 02 May 2014; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Esveld Nursery
    Certainly the main maple nursery in the world !

    Link location Plantentuin Esveld Main page -
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Fessia Fabrizio
    A long-time Italian nursery with over 180 cultivars and species of maples available.

    Link location Fessia Fabrizio - Floricoltura dal 1930
    Submitted by alex66
    Submitted date 29 Mar 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    A French nursery in the foothills of the western Pyrenees foothills of the western Pyrenees, near Pau (70 km from Spain or 200 km from Bordeaux). Was recommended as a source of seeds/seedlings.

    Link location Florama, conservateur de biodiversité depuis 25 ans
    Submitted by AlainK
    Submitted date 07 Oct 2016; last confirmed 07 Oct 2016

    Italian nursery by Giordano Gilardelli and brothers. Many cultivars introduced into the trade. It is noteworthy that the nursery is not open to the public and they do not sell to individuals.

    Link location GILARDELLI - Coltivazione e vendita di aceri giapponesi
    Submitted by Gomero
    Submitted date 12 Feb 2007; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Hippopottering Japanese Maple Nursery
    Mr J.F.P Gibbons created this nursery in the 1980's. His passion for Japanese Maples as a hobby led him to communications with J.D Vertrees, as well as scion sharing. After a few years of grafting and an ever increasing collection of Japanese maples, links with other great growers (Esvelds, D.Van de Maat) were forged. Keeping the passion alive now, is Mr Gibbons daughter Patricia who has been working at the nursery since 1998, and took it over in 2005. Japanese Maples grown naturally. Acer palmatum 'Taylor' released at Chelsea Flower Show 2005 by Hippopottering.

    Link location Hippopottering Japanese Maple Nursery- Growing Acers outside Peat free and organic[/
    Submitted by Hippomaples, also by maf
    Submitted date 29 Sep 2008; last confirmed 10th June 2021.

    Junker's Japanese Maples
    A superb selection of Japanese Maples available in the United Kingdom. I can't understand why I have only just discovered this site. Karan Junker has long been recognised for her plant knowledge.

    Link location Junker's Nursery for Specialist Plants
    Submitted by whis4ey
    Submitted date 14 Mar 2007; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Lotta Plants (no longer available).
    Lotta Plants, the web site for United Nurseries, is a cooperation of six highly specialized growers with an ever-widening assortment. Lotta Plants aims to offer a broad of rare species and cultivars, which are difficult to find in regular garden centres, directly to you via their web shop. If you query "Acer", you will get a list of over 800 cultivars, though not all are in stock. It looks like they deliver only in Europe. A forum member has noted: "Contact there is Edwin Dean."
    Lotta plants are no longer supplying maples.

    Link location Lotta Plants
    Submitted by Acerholic
    Submitted date 28 Jul 2019; confirmed 5th February 2021.

    Maillot Erables
    Guy Maillot is the biggest maple dealer in France. More than 600 cultivars available and more, like rare Buergeranium. I'm very happy for my order received, thanks Sir Guy Maillot. 100% positive. Site is in English, with a button to click to view in English.

    Link location La boutique MAILLOT-ERABLE - Le spécialiste de l'érable japonais
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Mallet Court UK
    This nursery in Taunton, Somerset, UK, owned by James Gordon Harris, "leading expert in the world of maples", quote from the home page of The Maple Society. Has a good stock of maples and more. Was happy with order received.

    Link location
    Submitted by alex66
    Submitted date 05 Feb 2008; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Miles Japanese Maples
    This is a small family run nursery based in Storrington West Sussex England specialising in young Japanese Maples that are grown and grafted in the UK. The nursery is open by appointment only. They have an online shop and Miles who studied Bottany at University in the late 1990's is a very keen committee member of the Maple Society and runs the nursery with his wife Ann.

    Link location
    Submitted by Acerholic
    Submitted date 14th March 2021; last confirmed 14th March 2021.

    Nicky's Nursery
    Nicky’s Nursery,in Broadstairs, Kent, UK, specializes in seeds.

    Link location Acer Tree Seed Japanese Maples Ornamental Maple Trees
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Packhorse Farm Nursery
    Specialist growers offering an extensive range of Japanese Maple cultivars. Hilton Haynes' nursery is near Matlock, Derbyshire. He attends a number of plant fairs each year. It is always best to call him if you intend to visit the nursery as he it is only open on certain days.

    Link location Packhorse Farm Nursery
    Submitted by pat bateman
    Submitted date 02 Feb 2012; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Poppins Plants
    A specialist Japanese Maple and conifer nursery based in the UK.
    Their Japanese Maple catolgue is extensive with many rare and hard to find cultivars. They are well packed and good plants, the plant labels are also excellent.

    Contact at Poppins is 'Marie'.
    Link location
    Submitted by @Jaybee63
    Submitted date 1st March 2024 Confirmed 1st March 2024

    Pépinières GAURRAT
    This is a French nursery located in the Southwest near Pau, with probably the best climate and soil for growing Japanese Maples in Europe (not like mine :o( ). They grow a variety of plants mostly for professionals but do also serve the retail market. Their maple list contains about 70 taxons, with the most popular palmatum cultivars (see the list in their website). Their strong point are the medium to large sized specimens grown in the field in full sun: excellent health and good vigor. Plants are shipped during the dormant season. Strongly recommended for European buyers. Site is in French, with a button to view it in English.

    Link location PÉPINIÈRES GAURRAT: Accueil
    Submitted by Gomero
    Submitted date 03 Jun 2008; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Pepiniere La Feuillade (French Maple Nursery)

    This nursery was reccomended by Emery 'Maple Society Committee Member' and as such should be included on the Maples resources page for maple nurseries outside of North America.
    Latest from @emery For honesty, quality and value for money they deserve a very high rating.

    Link location Pépinière La Feuillade
    Submitted by Acerholic
    Submitted date 5/2/2021 Confirmed 17/2/2021

    Semences du Puy
    This is a nursery in south-central France listing 46 Acer species in their catalog. Site is in French, with a button to view it in English; the descriptions are not translated, but the site functions are.

    Link location Acer (Erable) Semences du Puy
    Submitted by AlainK
    Submitted date 07 Oct 2016; last confirmed 07 Oct 2016

    Australia Nurseries

    Maples X Mail
    Nursery in Toolanga, Australia, offering online ordering.

    Link location Maples x Mail
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Nishiki Nursery
    Nursery in Victoria, Australia with over 80 varieties of grafted Japanese Maple and many other trees and shrubs

    Link location Welcome to Nishiki Nursery
    Submitted by Andre, link updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

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