About these Forums

These forums are hosted by University of British Columbia Botanical Garden, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We're an online forum for science-based plant, gardening and biodiversity enthusiasts from around the world. We do have a focus on UBC Botanical Garden's local region (sometimes called the Pacific Northwest of North America), but we encourage participants from around the globe. Registration to the forums and access are free.

Browse around before signing up! You'll find we welcome a range of topics of discussion, from traditional gardening questions to plant identification queries, from appreciation of nature and biodiversity to focused discussion on specific groups of plants like maples and conifers. Forum participants range from having no expertise whatsoever (but a keen interest in figuring out their gardening challenges!) to plant experts who have participated on these forums for over a decade, still generously sharing their knowledge. We emphasize evidence-based science and horticultural practices.

I hope you enjoy the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.


Daniel Mosquin, on behalf of University of British Columbia Botanical Garden